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Imagine you've just landed a job at a well-known coffee shop. On your first day, you are seated at a table with other new recruits for a coffee-tasting and food-pairing session, before you even get behind the bar. Up to this point, the idea of ever liking black coffee has been laughable.

You're instructed to taste the coffee before you. After a sip, you internally shrug. It's alright. Not your favorite. You prefer more flavor. Then, upon brief instruction for the best way to taste the flavors together, you take a bite of the coffee cake and sip the black brew again, swirling the drink over just the right taste buds.

You stop, eyes widening. Oh! A burst of new taste fills your mouth. The sweet cake of sugar and cinnamon blends divinely with this nectar of freshly roasted beans, bringing out flavors you never knew could exist in black coffee. To your surprise, you want more. More cake, more coffee, more knowledge. "How did I never know about this?" you ask.

The experience related above is a true story, rooted in our own love for coffee. At Woodnote Coffee, we want to change your perception of coffee, and open you up to a new world of flavor and satisfaction. We aim to bring this experience to your own home, to be enjoyed on a personal level and shared with others.

This home experience can be enhanced in various ways, from the coffee you choose to the way it's brewed, to the food paired with your drink. Each detail can make a world of difference, and we're here to equip you with the tools and knowledge to brew your coffee just right.

Try our favorite recipes below with the suggested coffee to bring out the flavors of both in a new way. Our brew guides provide instruction on how to best make your coffee with the various tools being used today. Check out our blog for new tips, tricks, and insights into the coffee world.

Explore and enjoy!


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