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Storing Your Coffee Beans For A Better Flavor

Posted on July 18 2022, By: Woodnote Coffee

Storing Your Coffee Beans For A Better Flavor

Ever feel like your coffee tastes good one day, then mediocre the next? One of the most common reasons why this can happen is improper coffee storage. A good cup of coffee starts with fresh, quality coffee beans (or grounds).

There are four major factors that cause coffee to lose its freshness: air, light, heat, and moisture. Here are ways to limit each of those factors.

1.  Air

The bags that coffee beans typically come in are not ideal for long-term storage. Yes, they are delivered airtight with a one-way valve for air to escape and not enter, but this breaks down once the bag is opened. A fantastic step to prevent this is to use an airtight container, such as an Airscape Stainless Steel Coffee Canister. Ensuring no airflow in the coffee container will increase the lifespan of the coffee beans. 

2. Light

If you store your coffee in a cupboard, using a see-through container for your beans matters much less. However, if you're like us and store your coffee within quick reach of your brewer, then it's important to make sure you use a container that does not expose your coffee to light. 

3. Heat 

In regards to heat, we recommend that you keep your coffee out of the garage in the summer and away from your oven all year round. Even places in the kitchen that get a lot of sunlight and tend to be warmer are not ideal for coffee.

4. Moisture 

Coffee is hygroscopic, so it will absorb portions of the moisture – including odors and tastes  from the air. Conveniently, an airtight container (like the one mentioned above) works wonders for keeping moisture out of your coffee. Another option involves a debate over whether coffee should be refrigerated or not. If you choose to freeze or refrigerate your coffee, then measure and reseal the coffee as soon as possible after using it. Since condensation can form quickly on colder objects, it's important to not take the coffee out of the freezer for too long. 

Follow some of these small steps, and you should find that your coffee will last longer and taste much better. Happy home-brewing!