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How Much Coffee Should You Buy To Stay Stocked?

Posted on July 28 2022, By: Woodnote Coffee

How Much Coffee Should You Buy To Stay Stocked?

Shake-shake! Your coffee bag is empty. That bag went faster than expected. Now, you make a mental note that you need to buy more coffee, but you don't want to run out so quickly next time.

So how much do you need to order? That depends not only on how much coffee you drink, but the way you tend to brew it. For instance, if you drink a pot of coffee per day, your coffee portions will be vastly different from the person who only drinks a double shot of espresso each morning.

On average, though, each cup of coffee you drink takes about one ounce of coffee beans. Using this rule of thumb makes it fairly easy when considering how much you'd like to order.

So, if you do drink one double shot per day, a single one-pound bag will last roughly two weeks. If you're looking for something to last a full month, a bi-weekly subscription of a one-pound bag would keep your coffee supply stocked and fresh at a regular rate. If you drink two double shots per day, then double up!

The only caveat to this method is if you are the pot-of-coffee-per-day drinker. The amount necessary will vary based on how much you use per pot. Typically, a full-sized pot of coffee uses approximately three ounces of coffee per brew. But you can adjust this if you drink more or less.

Happy brewing!