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Homemade: The Affogato

Posted on July 21 2022, By: Woodnote Coffee

Homemade: The Affogato

Coffee and ice cream? Who would have thought to blend these two? You might be surprised, however, to find this combo produces a smooth, delightful treat: the affogato. And there is more than one way to enjoy your coffee and ice cream together!

We recently celebrated National Ice Cream Day with three such tasty concoctions. Now, we want to share them so you can make and enjoy these desserts at home.

1. The Classic Affogato

First, we have the Classic Affogato. Pull a double shot of your favorite hot espresso — we highly recommend our Colombia single-origin coffee  and pour directly over some vanilla ice cream. The hot espresso will melt the ice cream and produce a rich, creamy blend. Grab a spoon and dig in! (If you're a bit of a rebel, try switching out vanilla ice cream for chocolate!)

2. The Creamy Cold Brew

The preparation for the Creamy Cold Brew is similar to the Classic Affogato. The only difference involves switching out the hot espresso with cold brew concentrate. Boy, oh boy, is this treat delicious! The mix essentially produces a frozen coffee ice cream, or a deconstructed coffee shake, complete with light, crunchy, candied flakes of cold brew.

3. The Nitro Float 

This version of the affogato is an instant hit in our book. You can buy some nitro cold brew of your choice or use the recipe for our own makeshift "nitro" iced coffee to create your own. Chill a mug, pour in two to five scoops of ice cream, then top off with your fresh nitro coffee. Enjoy sipping a caffeinated float for your summer treats. 

Try these desserts and let us know what you think!