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Homemade: 'Nitro' Iced Coffee

Posted on June 16 2022, By: Woodnote Coffee

Homemade: 'Nitro' Iced Coffee

In all likelihood, you've seen nitro cold brew, or infused nitro, being served at your local coffee shop. Perhaps you see the option on the menu, shrug your shoulders, and step forward to order your regular drink.

But what is nitro? If you knew, you just might try it...and possibly find a new regular drink!

Summer Nitro Cold Brew, Woodnote Coffee

Nitro coffee is infused with nitrogen gas to give it a smooth mouth feel, and is usually served from the tap. Another common way to infuse nitro is with a Whip-it. If you have ever utilized this method, you've probably experienced what happens when it's not fully sealed — with the coffee exploding everywhere.

Well, there is another way to create your own nitro iced coffee. It's not exactly nitro, but it's pretty darn close, with micro foam similar to a true nitro. Here is how we do it!

Equipment required: espresso machine, milk pitcher, and milk frother

  1. Pull a two-ounce espresso shot (17-18 grams of ground coffee) from your espresso machine.
  2. Pour your espresso into a milk pitcher full of ice water, creating iced coffee. (It's important for it to be ice water, as the cold temperature allows for time to aerate the espresso and release some of the trapped CO2, as well as introduce more air into the drink.)
  3. Steam and aerate the iced coffee for 10 to 15 seconds. 
  4. Pour into a drinking cup over ice. 
Voila! Homemade "nitro" iced coffee. 

*Pro tip: Instead of ice water in the milk pitcher, try iced milk and you'll get a "nitro" iced latte. You can also add flavored syrups after steaming for a fun, sweet taste.